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Home… Whose website is this, anyway?

It’s mine. I’m Sheri and Newe Start Farm is my home. I started the Newe Start Farm website a few years ago with the aim of talking about self-sufficient farming, however as my life has changed farming alone does not cover all the topics I want to discuss so I have changed the tagline to: living an eclectic life in Central Vermont.

Newe Start Farm was born in 2007. It is the product of two middle-agers with the same dreams who fell in love and had the marvelous opportunity to start their lives over together. When we began, both my husband and I thought we would farm for the rest of our lives. Neither of us had ever farmed before, and we were carried away with the romance of waking up every morning to milk the cow, and of bringing in armloads of veggies to eat fresh and can. Yes, milking a cow IS wonderful. So is growing most of your vegetables. However, running a farm is not easy, especially when there are only two of you, and you are already “over the hill.” And it does not leave much time for anything else.

My husband began to question his commitment to the farm over the winter of 2013-2014. It was a difficult time for us that included the death of one loved one and the serious illness of another. Unfortunately, maintaining the farm meant that we could not be together when we needed each other most. At that time we were also talking about our desire for more time to pursue our other interests. We were forced to learn about balance, and after much discussion, we agreed to reduce our commitment to farming and engage more in our other interests. We are keeping those aspects of the farm going that feed us physically and psychically, but we have cut way back on the number of animals we are keeping and on the size of our garden. (Read about the changes we’ve made in my blog.)

So why a website? Because I love writing, and blogging gives me the opportunity to write without having to go through the process of being “accepted.” And, because I enjoy helping others. We have learned a lot since we began Newe Start Farm, and I want to share many of those lessons. I hope they will help someone else who is looking for information on hobby farming. If you have read my site before you will notice that some of the sections are the same, but as time goes on I will add more sections that address my varied interests such as writing, painting, cooking, textiles (spinning, knitting, and quilting), riding horses, etc. I am living an eclectic life, and this website gives me a chance to talk about it with folks who share similar interests.

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