Newe Start Farm: Harriet smiling with her lamb Orchid

Whose website is this, anyway?

It’s mine. I’m Sheri and Newe Start Farm is my home. My husband, Rick, and I started Newe Start Farm in 2007 with the goal of growing our own food and producing as much of our own energy as possible. We have learned a lot since we began Newe Start Farm, and I enjoy sharing our experiences.

My blog contains a lot of information about gardening, preserving produce, and raising and harvesting animals for meat and fiber. Additionally, you will find many of my keto-friendly recipes.

Newe Start Farm was born of a couple of middle-aged, idealistic dreamers who love to learn new things, eat great food, and make beautiful things by hand. It continues to evolve as Rick and I learn and change, but it is a wonderful home and a delightfully eclectic way of life. I am happy to welcome you to my website.


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