Newe Start Farm: Harriet smiling with her lamb Orchid

Home! This is Newe Start Farm with one of our ewes, Harriet, smiling with her 2013 lamb, Orchid. Harriet is a very affectionate ewe who is also our best milker!

About Us

Newe Start Farm came to be in 2007 when Rick, a former litigator, bought Sheri, a former art professor, a small flock of sheep! Since then, our primary goal has been to be as self-sufficient as possible in both energy and food.  We produce much of the electricity we use and heat our house with wood cut from our land.  Our homestead has expanded from sheep to include chickens, cattle, draft horses, turkeys, a couple of pigs, an angora bunny, three meat rabbits used for breeding, a dog, a cat, and a large garden, not necessarily in that order. Our meat animals are pasture-raised, and we are rotationally grazing in an effort to protect our land and maximize its production. We also press sweet cider in the fall and make hard cider.  Additionally, we make yogurt, butter, and a variety of cheeses. We also freeze, can, dry, and lacto-ferment much of our produce and are working on creating a year-round garden. Newe Start Farm is a grand learning experience and a labor of love. It is a wonderful, happy place run by two old lovebirds with occasional help from their city-loving children.

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